Because our 2 year old daughter with MCAD deficiency looks very normal (or at least since she got rid of that nasogastric tube!) I want to indicate one way or an other that she has a disease that can lead to serious complications. You never know that you would get a car accident or something!

After searching the internet I found this website:

She wears this bracelet day and night and doesn’t seem to mind. On the contrary, she will remind me quickly enough if I forget to put it on again after her bath! 😉

The advantage of this bracelet is that it is good looking and that the child likes wearing it. I assume this is different with dog tags.

An other advantage is that there is a small piece of plastic inside on which you write some data using a permanent marker. You don’t have to engrave anything, and you can easily replace it in case a phone number changes or something.
It is also water proof.

What are your experiences with this kind of thing?
Have you ever needed it?
Are they found by emergency doctors?